Feb 24, 2013

i WisH, i CouLD . . . .

Good evening everyone,, first of all i want to thanks for those who are still follow this blog until right now.. Okeyh2, I don't want to speak a lot here coz i already gave a tast or a duty from my lect to tell or share a story about the title that i write above.. Hope you guys understand and feel enjoyable when you read it okeyh =)
Everyone have a dreams... One of my dreams is I wish I could be a versatile like Britney Spears it is because I really love and intrest with her since i was standard six (6)..

^Britney Spears^
Me as her number one (1) die hard fans know her journey of her life from her start her carrier on Mickey Mouse Club (MMC) until now. A lot of erm what we call that?? A lot of way or difficult way she face it but she still strong to be an entertainer and that make me proud of her strength.. Who knows, now she is the world Pop Legendary and had name on Walk of Fame.
^About her journey life^

Other than that, we already know she can dance.. No one can copy the way she hit the floor with a sexy outfit and sexy move like she always did on her each music video. The most choreography I love to watch and follow her dance step is called, 'Slave 4 You'..

^Teaser from Slave 4 You Music Video^
She had a lot of hits that everybody know, fans all over the world, millions copy of  album, many fragrences collection edition, and had a blockbuster movie on year 2002 called . . .
^Britney Spears's first movie, 'Crossroads'^
On the same time people around this world gave her call 'Pop Queen' and 'Miss Legendary' because of her talented to entertain like she is the millenium Marilyn Monroe..
I really wish i could be like her and meet her one day.. Whats a big dream i have right ??! Dats all for today, see you soon on da next post...

Feb 1, 2013

StORy tElLiNg thROuGh pHOtOs

Orait guys, today i got a new task from my lovely BEL lect to create a story by telling through by the photos.. If you guys still don’t get it what i just telling, you guys can click on this link http://bel311ad1183a.blogspot.com/2013/01/story-telling-through-photos.html

There have thirdteen picture that my lect give a choose and i choose this best_shoot as my task for this week...

Okeyh,, why i choose this picture??! Me as myself don’t know why i choose this picture HAHAHA (funny right??!) Hhmmmm, maybe this picture is quit interesting to me than the other from the link above..

What intresting about this picture is there no one did this action before, mostly this action people only did on the land which a human walk with him/her dog.. But on this picture we can see that girl walk with a shark under the water ??! What a shock and really interesting..

I just thinking what is the shark swim too fast, did she can run to catch up the shark ? I don't think so,, maybe she will fall and all the stuff that she bring are left at behind..

Okeyh i don't know how to tell this story to be funny but the famous person like Fred R. Bernard already tellin us that each picture is worth a thousand words its is because in the picture that we saw had a many lot of story and best moment and sometime its try give us a massage even the picture are in viaraty situation like sad, happy, crazier, scary, and more..

Jan 28, 2013

iMpAcT OF AdVErtISemEnt

'Children See, Children Do'
Okeyh, the advertisement of 'Children See, Children Do' is about the children are trying to copy the habits of their parents or the eldest person around them.. This advertisement too is targeted to all married couples who had children, its is because parents is a role models to their children to educate them how to be a real good person.. I thinks its give a positive impact to the viewers because with this advertising, parents or people of course can open their mind widely to prevent and fix this problem before its happen again by shown a good attitude / habits, using a nice words, and also spend a lot of time with the children. Indirectly parent can know what type their children problem in the same time. Last viewpoint for the last question, if i could change in the advertisement i will add the effect of the worlds if this problem keep move on infront of the children. The other than that, I will show a little bit of sexuality among the children that are the most trending now or open relationship (Gay, Lesbian and Bisexual) on this advertisement.
'Heaven Can Wait'
For the second advertisement, i can say is about a death of one (1) car crash (so tragic) that the spirits of driver and passengers are floating in the air which mean they are already dead.. In my opinion, this advertisement are suitable to all viewers its is because this advertisement is about death, about attitude of drivers, about the rule on the road, n more.. Mostly its look a human attitude.. This advertisement gives a positive to people it is because its give a lot of motivate to all driver or the road user like us to drive safety everywhere and anytime. I think for the last question is I don't need to change anything on this advertisment, it is because the massage that the advertisement try to tell, we can understand with easily and they want we not careless when drive.
'Additional Questions'
What is Advertisement? : For me, advertisement is a public commercial which give a positive message and some negative message that always show at television or mass media to promote or give an advice to the viewers.
Advertising is a good thing or a bad thing? : I think its a good thing, all the viewers in this world now are need the adsvertisment because without the advertisment people cannot know what new on the market.
Do I think that i will easily persuaded to buy things after hearing / seening from the Ads? : I don't think so,, hhmmmm for me i will decide by my own and thing a lot of time to buy it or not... Depend with the budget that i had and think deeply and ask to myself is this thing is useful or not at soon.

The Ads that i really like most : Okeyh2,, the advertisment that i really like most is 'Nestea Iced Lemon Tea'. I like thats advertising a lot because i really love the commercial theme songs that their use. Such a lot of fun and feel like i want to fall in the pool too like they did on this commercial..